Released 2014-04-17
0000420: [Issues] Highlight clicked issue in issue list (e7andy)
0000902: [Defect] Notes got a pink background (e7andy)
0000627: [Task] Add support for multiple logins (e7andy)
0000865: [Defect] Check that the format of dates in custom fields are formatted correctly (e7andy)
0000916: [Defect] Open issues from project list and add issue, wrong project is selected (e7andy)
0000807: [Projects] Add view issues function (e7andy)
0000896: [Defect] Selected project is reset on issue add (e7andy)
0000849: [Task] Remove deprecated method calls (e7andy)
0000851: [Login] Trim username on login (e7andy)
0000855: [Defect] Test file upload (e7andy)
0000920: [Defect] Issues are not displaying assigned issues correctly (e7andy)
0000912: [Defect] App crash on issue open (e7andy)
0000913: [Task] Update screenshots and texts (e7andy)
0000958: [Defect] Icons in dashboard are too small on Nexus 5 (e7andy)
0000960: [Defect] LastPass fills wrong fields (e7andy)
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