Released 2012-10-30
0000388: [Task] Add sonar to the projects (e7andy)
0000386: [Task] Write release process for new versions (e7andy)
0000164: [Task] Subprojects support (e7andy)
0000365: [Task] Add link and info about buying the full version (e7andy)
0000367: [Task] Create new icon for free version with FREE text (e7andy)
0000381: [Task] Url login - Allow ordinary http/https links (e7andy)
0000236: [Task] Create robotium test case to setup new test database (e7andy)
0000379: [Defect] Too large icons in dashboard on larger screens (e7andy)
0000374: [Task] Add scan QR code button on login screen (e7andy)
0000376: [Task] Login - Trim mantisBT url (e7andy)
0000360: [Task] Project list - Display view status in list (e7andy)
0000380: [Task] Change save icons and add cancel button (e7andy)
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