Released 2013-03-07
0000201: [Test] Write Robotium tests for Projects (e7andy)
0000504: [Defect] User cannot login, err msg "length=8;regionStart=4;regionLength=-5" (e7andy)
0000566: [Task] Install MantisBT with Chinese (e7andy)
0000514: [Defect] Crash while loading issue notes (e7andy)
0000271: [General] Implement landscape mode (e7andy)
0000447: [Login] Handle MantisBT URL with login_page.php in the end (e7andy)
0000426: [Issues] Change the assigned to me view (e7andy)
0000429: [General] Do not reload content on orientation changes (e7andy)
0000432: [Defect] Crash while scroll issue list during refresh (e7andy)
0000433: [Defect] Forms are reset on orientation change (e7andy)
0000444: [General] Install MantisBT 1.2.14 as test environment (e7andy)
0000453: [Defect] Menues are not updated correctly after orientation change (e7andy)
0000451: [Defect] Crash after app been in background (e7andy)
0000454: [Issues] Show target version in issue list (e7andy)
0000423: [Defect] Crash on orientation change (e7andy)
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