Scheduled For Release 2030-01-01
Version for future features and enchancements.
0001532: [Task] Add language support
0001515: [Task] Chaging priority icons in MantisBT is not reflected in MantisDroid
0000369: [General] Add improved tablet support
0000292: [Projects] Add Inherit Global Categories to details and edit project pages
0001393: [Task] Handle configuration setting for hiding/showing fields
0000959: [Task] Fix warnings and errors with proguard
0000981: [Task] Replace top navigation
0000866: [Task] Add setting to display real names instead of usernames
0000661: [Task] Create trial period function
0000846: [Task] Add settings for changed permission
0000200: [Test] Write Robotium tests for Issues
0000361: [Projects] Manage issue categories
0000383: [Projects] Manage subprojects - add, edit, unlink
0000460: [General] Remove dashboard and add left side menu like G+
0000440: [Issues] Handle upload file with same name
0000445: [Projects] Handle versions with same name
0000547: [Task] Add project favorites
0000605: [Task] Add bulk change functions
0000628: [Task] Log actions
0000302: [Issues] Add advanced filtering of issues
0000425: [Issues] Use filters to get issues
0000582: [Task] Add issue context menu
0000448: [General] Activity result is cleared on orientation change
0000442: [Issues] Cache issues
0000553: [Task] Cache projects
0000119: [Task] Save preferences to Google
0000424: [General] Add tag support
0000414: [General] Activate parallell asynctasks
0000301: [General] Add language support
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